Professor Abdul-Ghani Olabi

Presentation Title:

Digital Twin & Artificial Intelligent for Renewable Energy & Energy Storage Systems


Digital twins can be particularly useful in the field of renewable energy and Energy storage systems along with the AI, which are an important technology for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As an example, Digital twins can be highly valuable in the field of battery technology, where they can be used to simulate and optimize the performance of batteries in real-time. Battery digital twins can help to improve the efficiency and lifespan of batteries and reduce the risk of failure or safety issues. Also, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to bring several benefits to the energy sector.

Overall, digital twins and AI can play a critical role in improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of renewable energy and energy storage systems, which are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of applications. In this presentation, Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligent application will be discussed in detail for renewable energy and energy storage applications, example of different applications will be provided.


Prof Olabi is the Director of Sustainable Energy and Power Systems Research Centre at the University of Sharjah “UoS”. For the previous three years, he was the Head of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Department, before joining UOS, he was the director and founding member of the Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies at the University of the West of Scotland. For the last 35 years, Prof Olabi worked at different national and international institutes such as; National Research Centre-Italy “CNR”, Research Centre of FIAT-Italy “CRF”, Dublin City University “DCU”, Institute of Engineering and Energy Technologies “IEET” at UWS, and Aston University.

Prof Olabi is an Academic Expert Reviewer, he acted as member and chairman for a number of accreditation panels.

Prof Olabi has supervised postgraduate research students (40 PhD) to successful completion. He has published large number of peer-reviewed papers concerning on Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems, particularly, hydrogen and Fuel Cell. In the last few years, Prof Olabi has patented 5 innovative projects regarding innovative generation of PEM Fuel Call and Supercapacitor.

Prof Olabi is the founder of the International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection SEEP,, and the International Conference on Materials Science & Smart Materials MSSM, He is the Subject Editor of the Elsevier Energy Journal, Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of Smart Materials (Elsevier), Editor of the Reference Module of Materials Science and Engineering (Elsevier), Editor in Chief of Renewable Energy section of Energies and board member of a few other journals. Prof Olabi has coordinated different National, EU and International Projects. He has produced different reports to the Irish Gov. regarding: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and Solar Energy.