Our foundation, the Turkish Maritime Education Foundation (TUDEV), was set up to meet the need for Seafarers in Türkiye, to assist existing maritime education institutions, to activate an educational institution that trains seafarers, and to establish a university (when conditions allow) as written in the foundation deed and for this purpose, first of all, it gave the necessary financial support to Maritime Faculties and other maritime education institutions. This support still continues.

Our foundation established its own training center, TUDEV Maritime Training Center, in March 1995, and 2100 officers have been trained in this center so far.

At the extraordinary general meeting held on 4 December 2003, TUDEV decided that the Maritime Training Center would continue to serve as a “Turkish Maritime University” at the Higher Education level and started its studies.

After putting a lot of effort, T.C. PIRI REIS UNIVERSITY, which gained legal personality with the law published in the Official Gazette on February 8, 2008, was founded to make contributions to Turkish and World Maritime.

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